People are happy when they can live the life they live now. It would be a shame to reach the end of our lives and find out that we have only lived through it. It is necessary to live the life in its width, depth - in its entirety.

  • I studied Psychology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague and Psychosocial studies at the Hussite Theological Faculty, Charles University in Prague. Moreover, I completed part of my studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. 
  • I hold the internationally accepted EuroPsy certificate, which entitles me to practice my profession across EU countries and the UK. 
  • At the Skala Institute (Prague), I underwent a five-year self-experiential psychotherapeutic training in the integrative psychotherapy based on dynamic and interpersonal psychotherapy and obtained a psychotherapeutic practice certificate.
  • Furthermore, I underwent a four-year self-experiential psychotherapeutic training in family therapy - marriage and family counselling (Sturma, Prague).
  • Under the leadership of Doc. R. Bahbouch, Ph.D. (QED GROUP, Prague), I completed six months of coaching training. The training is accredited by the International Coach Federation and focuses on psychological coaching, and business and executive coaching.
  • I went through a seminar on Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy (TLDP). This therapy offers a modern, empirically-based integrative model of treatment that incorporates the latest developments in neuroscience. 
  • I participated in a several-day-long workshop focused on the processing and integrating traumas conducted by the Czech Institute of Biosynthesis. 
  • I completed courses and passed final exams in psychodiagnostics and clinical psychology, psychosomatics, health psychology and sexual psychology, crisis interventions, and art therapy. 
  • I give lectures at the International Conferences of the Skala Institute, focusing on the contemporary integrative psychotherapy. 
  • I have gained professional experience at the Institute for Family Research (Prageu) and at the Psychiatric Hospital in Bohnice (Prague) in its open psychotherapeutic department. 
  • In addition to experience in the psychotherapy, I have several years of professional experience in international consulting companies. As a psychologist, I was co-responsible for the Assessment and Development Centre, employee development, and competency models. 
  • I hold the Hogan Personality Inventories certificate (Hogan Personality Inventory; Hogan Development Survey; Motivation, Values, Preferences Inventory) - the high-quality psychological diagnostics applied for employee development. Moreover, I am authorised to use psychodiagnostics tests. 
  • In the past, I have collaborated, among other things, with the K.U. Leuven University Psychiatric Centre on the preparation of publications on specialised psychological issues related to depressions, anxiety disorders and eating disorders.
  • I provide counselling in German and English languages. 


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