People are happy when they can live the life they live now. It would be a shame to reach the end of our lives and find out that we have only lived through it. It is necessary to live the life in its width, depth - in its entirety.

The essence of coaching is to achieve higher goals with less effort and greater satisfaction. Coaching contributes to a healthier life, more joy in everyday life, desired results and success at work, more appreciation and better interpersonal relationships.

Increased ability to achieve goals is related to confidence in one's own skills and abilities and belief in one's own competence.

During coaching, I actively and enthusiastically listen to you so that you can reach depths that are otherwise overlooked. I direct your attention to the important issues. In doing so, I create space to think about the "unknown", about a different way of looking at things, and also space to find answers.

One of the principles of coaching is to teach the coachee to think differently, adopt new habits, and listen to themselves. It is time that is yours and time to think about new things. Psychological coaching is like walking through a landscape you may know, but this time you'll stop in places you've never walked through or even entered. You will learn to overcome obstacles on the way to your goals.

In coaching, the client leaves or expands their comfort zone, pushes further and finds a place they have not been before. You can reach your full potential in all areas of your life, fulfill your dreams and rediscover the landscape you were born into. You define what you want to achieve, and together we will systematically work toward that goal.

Even the first glimpse of a new direction and the naming of the goal, what you want from a particular area of your life, moves you to change. Radical, abrupt changes can cause anxiety. But smaller, continuous steps will ensure that you reach your goals safely.

Each step that leads to a goal requires you to make the necessary effort. As you complete the steps that lead you to your goal, your confidence will grow. By repeatedly achieving smaller goals, you can increase your self-confidence, self-love, and self-esteem. You will find it easier to achieve your goals. In the course of coaching, you will begin to actively live your life and not just "survive".

Through self-knowledge you can change. Using specific examples from your life, I will help you understand why you behave the way you do in certain situations and why you repeat this behavior. You will learn how to change these attitudes so that you can realize your intentions. At the same time, with the help of the self-coaching you learn, you can move forward with your life and fully realize the potential you have been given. Have confidence in your abilities so you can say "yes" to the possibilities you discover.

I respect the originality of your life story, you will find original solutions with me that are immediately applicable. With the energy, motivation and effort you put in, you will discover the power within you to change and achieve your dreams.

In a "zero" coaching session, we meet for about 45 minutes to get to know each. I will introduce you to the coaching method and we will discuss together what goals you want to achieve in your professional and personal life and what else you would like to change. We will also discuss practical and organizational information. You will then have time to decide if you are interested in coaching.

If so, I would be happy to work with you to make your dreams and goals come true.