Constant tension negatively affects the relationships with our loved ones or work relationships. If we are angry or nervous, we tend to act under pressure. On the contrary, when we feel at peace, we prefer reason and feelings. We can show more who we really are. It is more effective to develop a new healthy lifestyle that is incompatible with the original unhealthy one than to eliminate bad habits. 

The purpose of relaxation training is to help you find a way to better manage your energy, improve your concentration, reduce tension, make taking your actions more effective and improve your ability to solve any problems. You will increase the quality of your life and the lives of your loved ones. 

When practising relaxation, we focus on ways to relax - you will learn to control your breath correctly, discuss the possibilities of reducing muscle tension, show how to work with sensory perception and thoughts, and discuss the importance of rest. 

Relaxation training can represent a possibility of coping with anxiety/depressive thoughts or a tendency to act too affectionately (for people who often "explode", etc.). There are countless ways how to relax - some takes just a few seconds, some an hour. Together, we try to find techniques that suit you perfectly.