In therapy, you enter more profound levels of consciousness and need your time. I will guide you through this time. Together, we will map your inner world. By doing so, you learn how to cope with problems, conflicts and life challenges effectivelly.

I believe that each of us has a tendency to inner self-realisation. Therapy shall, therefore, aim at removing obstacles on the path so that a person can develop into a mature and fully developed aduld.


Coaching represents a suitable means for all people interested in their development, living their lives in balance and achieving success in their lives through positive and lasting adjustments to their behaviour. By doing so, their ability to face new challenges will improve. At the same time, they will gain inner satisfaction, better relationships with themselves and their surroundings, and a more profound sense of fulfilment. 

By coaching, I can help you discover your potential to live your life meaningfully and consciously according to your values and needs. I can help you prioritise your goals, direct your efforts and commitments as productively as possible to maximise your personal growth. Last but not least, I can help you develop your emotional intelligence. In therapy, we will work together to map your inner world and eliminate any difficulties you face. 


If you need advice about a particular life situation. Psychological counselling focuses on helping people who need counselling about a specific situation of life. It aims at helping and providing support. It allows the client to better orientate themselves in the world and cope with life's difficulties. 

During counselling, I draw your attention to different aspects of the problem you may underplay, and talk about my observations and hypotheses. I may help you develop new ideas, which we can further explore. 

Through my questions, you may discover new circumstances, pay more attention to your feelings and behaviour, and you can realise their importance in solving that particular issue. 


Sometimes, life is too fast until we feel we have no time to stop for a second. Every living creature can take a rest, only man sometimes has a problem doing so :-) Nevertheless, rest is essential.

If we live under constant stress and pressure, we often get irritated, encounter sleep disorders, and feel anxious or depressed. Constant tension negatively affects the relationships with our loved ones or work relationships.

If we are angry or nervous, we tend to act under pressure. On the contrary, when we feel at peace, we prefer reason and feelings. We can show more who we really are.

It is more effective to develop a new healthy lifestyle that is incompatible with the original unhealthy one than to eliminate bad habits.